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What do we do? Transition and Change Partners offers innovative approaches to tackle your business challenges. We partner with you through the process of problem definition, action assessment and execution…. all the way to business growth.

How do we do it? Leadership Forums, Critical Meeting Design & Facilitation, Workshops and Coaching.

“Lisa’s ability to introduce, manage and implement rapid change is among the best. She works in intensely competitive industries where speed and agility are critical competitive advantages and is able to add enormous value to her clients. She is a consummate professional and I have no doubt will be able to add value to any client lucky enough to contract with her.”

William Bean

PhD, MBA, MPH, Harvard University, School of Public Heath

About You

At a Crossroads

If you are considering working with us, chances are you are at a crossroads.
You are an exceptional leader, you lead a high performance team and you

  • Want to Transform Your business in Some Way
  • Are Searching For Innovative Ways to Ignite Change
  • Want Change to Stick in Your Organization

Transition and Change Partners has worked with clients to deliver solutions.

Arrange for a one hour free consult and see if we are a good fit for you.

“For over 10 years I have known Lisa as a coach, a mentor, a strategist and a wise synthesizer of information. She is inspirational and motivating in the most unassuming and thoughtful way. Her presence and impact is truly amazing to watch and experience! I count on the fact that when Lisa is leading or coaching a team -the team is guaranteed to rise to its optimal potential. She has never let us down. I truly feel fortunate every time I walk into a room and Lisa is there as I know great things are in store!”

Christine Campanile Dunbar

Vice President, RF Product Management, GLOBALFOUNDRIES

About Us



Leadership Partner, Transformation and Change Champion


With over 30 years broad corporate leadership experience as both practitioner and consultant as a transformation and change champion, Lisa has worked with leaders in business, government and non-profits through many levels of their organizations and across five continents. She has a proven track record for delivering client value through significant transition and change.

She is published in the areas of Advancing Women in Leadership and Lean Leadership.


  • UCLA Anderson School Of Management, Women’s Leadership Institute
  • Michigan State University, Supply Chain Executive Program
  • Institute of Management Accountant’s: Certified Management Accountant (CMA)
  • Syracuse University, Martin J. Whitman School of Management




Leadership Collaborator & Coach; Business Change Catalyst


Barb is a catalyst inspiring leaders to envision, drive and execute the full intent of strategic change.  She is passionate about helping them to realize both quick hits and longer-term results in improving processes, solving complex problems and facilitating greater organizational capability, achieving sustainable results.  Barb’s clients say that she has a unique ability to break down complex issues into simple, manageable change imperatives and to help people plunge ahead in the face of ambiguity and the seemingly impossible.  She has developed and led global large-scale change efforts, sales transformation projects, talent development programs and m&a integration with clients like Deloitte, IBM, Audi, Sprint and American Management Systems.


  • Georgetown University, MA Executive Leadership Coaching
  • Georgetown University, MA Organization Development and Change Management
  • ICAN Women’ Leadership Program
  • Valparaiso University


“With a focused and driven work ethic, the Transition and Change Partners team was able to ensure continued delivery to our team and clients. With two solid days of intense work, they not only reenergized our leadership team but enabled us to put PDA back into its role of leadership in innovation and value creation.”

George Strobel

President, CEO, Packaging Distributors of America


Leadership and Collaborative Change


Effective leadership is critical to instilling change in any organization. The goal is to enable leaders to achieve full transition potential by:

  • Understanding why change is necessary and identifying the motivation to change
  • Practicing leadership skills to create collaboration across silos and through enterprise politics
  • Aligning with other leaders to drive actions required for change to occur and to sustain
  • Learning how organizations fully realize the benefits and ROI committed to justify the change
  • Developing team coaching skills to sustain change objectives

Critical Meeting Design and Facilitation

Critical Meeting

There are times when it is valuable to have the skills of an independent, objective and skilled facilitator designing your critical meeting and allowing you to “sit at the table” and fully participate in the work.

Transition and Change Partners has extensive experience in creating the meeting you want that will deliver the solutions you need!

Strategic Planning and Execution

Strategy Planning

Transition and Change Partners has a proven record of success in facilitating rich and constructive leadership dialogue to create strategies that achieve shared and aligned goals while holding leaders accountable for executing on their commitments. This work includes:

  • Current State Assessment
  • Strategic Planning Workshop focused on:
    • A process that has its roots in the “voice of the customer”
    • A process that is repeatable for the organization over time
    • A Management System that encourages and sustains progress

Lean Leadership

Financial Growth

The Lean Leadership Initiative provides senior leaders a critical lens through which to view their enterprise continuous improvement efforts.

“Do better” work initiatives often look the same with 10 ‐ 20% one time savings coming from Process and Tools deployed.

Real returns come from effective leadership transitions. This form of sustaining cultural change delivers 80-90% ongoing savings resulting from a focus on “what we value in word and action”.

Keynotes and Conference Workshops


Get to know Transition & Change Partners through your next organizational or association meeting, workshop or conference.

We have worked with groups around the world to foster business growth, knowledge sharing, as well as just having some fun!

Examples of some of our popular keynote topics include:

  • Strategic Planning & Deployment: Why Is It So Hard To Do?
  • Lean Leadership: The Essential Enterprise Glue
  • What Leaders Must Do To Lead Change
  • Yoga and the Art of Business Leadership
  • Gender Styles Awareness, What You Should Know & Why

“Lisa showed a keen grasp of the issues involved in providing support to senior leaders as they work through business transitions. I found her to be an excellent process thinker and effective in coaching relationships with peers, those above her and those below her.”

David Mann

Author, Creating a Lean Culture; Tools to Sustain Lean Conversions

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